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    New Masjid Rendering

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    Match Donations

    Great News! Masjid Al-Momineen is now registered and approved at Benevity as a 501(c)-3 charitable organization. This means if your employer offers gift or chartiy matching options under their Corporate Giving programs, then Masjid Al-Momineen is a Match-Eligible charity organization.

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Masjid Al-Momineen

Servicing Clarkston, Tucker, Lilburn, and Stone Mountain Muslims since 1989.

  • As of February 5, we have spent $2,082.371.31 on the new structure. Our total banking balance stands at exactly $105,992.09. We need to raise $700,000 to keep the momentum going, to prevent costs from increasing due to delays, and to complete the new building by Ramadhan of this year, in Sha' Allah. We are getting very close to the finish line. Please do all you can to help us reach our common goal.

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  • Construction update - Feb 5, 2018

    Here is the latest report from Br. Yusuf Ali:
    Roof – Main building roof installation completed and scuppers installed for gutter to be installed
    Exterior Brick – completed 98%
    Framing contractor – all interior wall and partition wall framing completed – starting ceiling framing and main hall wall and Mehrab interior-finish framing
    Sprinkler pipe installation 70% completed
    HVAC ducts 80% - in progress gas lines for furnaces, vent drops to be installed after ceiling framing
    Concrete for interior stairs and perimeter of the building – Completed; concrete installed for brick ledge and perimeter walkway.
    Interior stairs – hand rails completed 80%
    Plumbing contractor – interior plumbing started - rough completed and rough inspection passed
    Electrical contractor – 60 % completed - most of the in-frame wiring done
    Glazing contractor – this contractor has started and installed 90% of the exterior windows and door framing, exterior window glass installed, one double door installed, rest left open for servicing contractor entry and material handling
    Contractor for porch concrete walls and slab completed – preparing to install steel framing structure
    Audio/Visual contractor signed up – they will install speaker system and customize for separate areas; Visual monitors and cameras will also be installed; we will add on the security system
    Alarm contractor – qualifying contractors from several bids


    Gas Company –has sent us the application to be filled online – request for authorized board member to sign authorization as requested by Gas supply Company to provide natural gas services to the new building. Ahmed Mudhir signed the contract with the gas company.
    Georgia Power – we have requested new power line to provide adequate power for this new building – our contractors have provided technical information requested by power company.
    Water Company – we also have requested county water department for new water meter and connection for new building.

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  • Our Finances

    As with any religious non-profit business, the Masjid income is strictly dependent on donations. However, as a mosque, Masjid Al-Momineen's income is restricted to Halal (permissible or prescribed by Islamic law) sources. As such, the Masjid cannot accept donations arising from purchase or sale of non-permissible products and services...

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How can you Help

Meet Our Construction Team

We have put together some of the most talented engineers and subject matter experts to build the new Masjid. Meet them individually below.

  • Amin A. Tomeh, P.E, PMP, D.GE

    Principal, Matrix Engineering Group, Inc.

  • Omar U. Zaman, P.E.

    Principal, Matrix Engineering Group, Inc.

  • Imran Niazi

    Principal, Blackwater Const. Group, LLC.

  • Yusuf Ali

    Principal, MI Services LLC.

Choose Your Donation

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  • New Masjid

    • Permits
    • Fees
    • Engineering
    • Contracts & Supervision
    • Labor & Materials
    • Heavy Equipment
    • Tools
    • Disposals
    • Cost of Delays


    Per Month

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    Most Urgent!

  • Operations

    • Power 2 Buildings/Parking Lights
    • Gas 2 Buildings
    • Water 2 Buildings
    • Taxes & Insurance
    • Landscaping
    • Tools
    • Repairs & Maintenance
    • Legal Fees
    • Salaries


    Per Month

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  • Sadaqa

    • Not Obligatory
    • No Amount Limitations
    • No Wealth Conditions
    • Can be given any time to anyone
    • Masjid Building
    • School Expenses
    • Social Services
    • Public Relations
    • Masjid Maintenance


    Any Time

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  • Zakat

    • Obligatory distributed:
    • FUQARA to The Indigent
    • MASAKEEN to The Destitute
    • AL_AMILEEN to The Collectors
    • MU-ALLAFAT UL-QULUB to Attract Hearts
    • AR-RIQAAB to Free Captives
    • AL-GHAARIMEEN to The Indebted
    • FI-SABILILLAH in The path of Allah
    • IBN-US-SABEEL to Needy Travelers


    of Net Wealth (3oz+ Gold)

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What Others are Saying

  • Lovely people and great Management. The only place I feel relaxed.

    Khushal Gurbaz
  • The people at this masjid are really nice and welcoming.

    Anisa Haji
  • Very friendly and welcoming. I took my shahada here.

    Sadik Al-Farook.

Need a Scholarship - apply here

High school seniors interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field are invited to apply for the Dr. Gulshan S. Harjee Scholarship. Applications are due Monday, April 30, 2018.

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