Your Last Chance this Ramadan is here!

Increase your blessings this Ramadan

Dont let this opportunity escape you. Very few Ramadan days are left. Increase your rewards many folds while you can. Donate towards the New Masjid Construction project. The above arial view was taken in early May. We need your continued assistance to move the project forward.

Khatim Al-Quran

Join us for Tarawih and the Khatim of the Holy Quran on “Wednesday, June 13, starting at 10:30pm.

Eid-al-Fitr Annoucement

Please visit the Masjid website starting on Wednesday after Maghrib prayer for the Eid announcement. You can also click on the Twitter icon below and follow us on Twitter. You will receive our automatic notifications via Tweets. The first Eid Salat will be held at 8:00am sharp, follwed at 9am by the second prayer, in Sha' Allah. Zakat-al-Fitr is $8 per family member and is best paid prior to the Eid prayer.

May Allah SWT immensely reward you for your prayers, fasts, and charity this month. Eid Mubarak! If you would like your email id removed from future Masjid communications, please reply to this email with the subject of "Unsubscribe" or click here.

Wa Billahi Tawfiqh!