Construction Update

A lot has been accomplished as of this newsletter. Power is on, light fixtures and fans are installed. Inside walls are completed and painted. Bathroom and Wudhu areas are tiled. What remains are finishing touches including bathroom and kitchen fixtures, appliances, cabinetry, carpeting, flooring, and elevator installations; sprinkler, security, and audio-visual systems installations, old Masjid demolition and replacement with garden and pathway to the main gate.

Click here to see a YouTube video depicting inside views of the new Masjid. Allah-u-Akbar!

Call 678.462.4442 for a personal tour of the New Masjid with your friends and family.

Financial Update

Since March of 2014, we have raised and spent $2,831,472 on construction of the new Masjid - see charts below:

As of Jan 18, our combined account balances equal $56,500. We can open the new Masjid to the public by as early as April if - together - we can raise $262,000 between now and then.

Whoever built a Masjid, Allah would build him a similar place in Paradise. Sahih Al-Bukhari on authority of ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan RA

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Wa Billahi Tawfiqh!