Eid Mubarak from our families to you and yours!

According to astronomical calculations, Eid will most likely be on Sunday, June 25, in Sha' Allah. However, please visit the Masjid website starting Friday after sunset prayer (Maghrib Salat) for the official announcement. As usual, we plan on holding two Salawaat. The first Salat (prayer) will commence at 8:30am followed by another at 9:30, In Sha' Allah (God Willing). Please arrive at least 30 minutes earlier to park and carpool if you can.

Zakat al Fitr (poor due at end of fasting) is calculated at $8 per family member - male or female, minor or adult - and must be distributed to eligible individuals prior to Salat-al-Eid so that they too can participate in the celebrations. So, as an example, if your family comprises 4 people, and if you possess the means, you are obligated to donate 4 x $8 or $32. You can do that securely online via PayPal starting right now and leave the distribution to us:

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