May Allah SWT accept your fasts, prayers, charity, and all good deeds.

Eid is on Sunday. Zakat al-Fitr is $8 per family member. We have many in the community in dire need of help. You can pay Zakat online securely via PayPal or using any major credit card.

Masjid Al-Momineen is forming a Re-Opening committee to evaluate and weigh in various factors including CDC, state, and county guidelines against health and safty concerns of our community.

The Masjid is CLOSED until further notice. Stay tuned!
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Support Masjid  Al-Momineen® in other ways too including AmazoneSmile program, Corporate Donation Matching programs, etc... visit Our Finances page for more info..
Whoever built a mosque, Allah will build him a similar place in paradise.

To complete the New Masjid Construction project, we need your help with:
Permimeter Fence: $75,000
Dome: $45,000
Minaret: $30,000
Industrial Kitchen: $75,000

And, that is prior to paying off an interest-free loan of $100,000...

According to a Hadith transmitted to us by Osman Bin 'Aafan RA in Sahih Bukhari: "Whoever built a Mosque, Allah would build him a similar place in paradise!"

Won't you reserve your house in Paradise today? Take advantage of these last two days of Ramadan and donate generously.

The Masjid's community members are mostly poor and incapable of donating larger amounts. Hence, the project has taken many years and may take many more to complete without your help.
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