Your continued support is needed to complete the new Masjid

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Construction Update

See constructtion photos from ground-breaking to now by clicking here or here..

Scheduled construction work will require over $200,000 per month going forward. Please Donate right now if you wish the work to proceed as planned.

Here is a summary of the construction progress as of July 31, 2016, as reported by Br. Yusuf Ali. We need your urgent support:

  • First floor concrete has being installed
  • Monies were paid in full for all expenses related to first floor concrete - installation labor and material
  • Monies were paid for steel stairs and fabrications - RyJohn has completed all fabrication and is ready to install the stairs
  • Target to install stairs - July 28th 2016 rental equipment delivery delay has pushed this work a few days
  • Blackwater and construction committee members had progress meeting - Brother Imran told committee that the following items are scheduled to be started and completed within 3-4 weeks:
    • Install stairs in stair well
    • Install CMU blocks to the roof height
    • Install all steel on site - beams and roof rafters
    • This will get the building ready for roof and exterior walls - as stated below we will need funds to continue construction
Status -Goal for August going forward for 2016: Funds are needed now to continue building and pro-actively order materials
  • Order materials ¡V HVAC system - 8-10 weeks lead time; stone for exterior walls - lead time 4-6 weeks (Roof materials, exterior wall materials: $100,000)- Not met due to lack of funds
  • We need deposits for these orders : approximately $200,000 per month to move construction at faster pace
    • Roofing: Approximate $ 30, 000 plus labor around $15,000
    • Framing Materials approximately $65,000.
    • Dens Glass Sheeting approximately $22,000 plus water proof for dens glass additional $5000.
  • These 3 items above will enclosed the building from any further damages.
  • Brick sales have generated quite a bid of monies, however, we will still needs funds to purchase and install these brick once the exterior wall is completed Pending material to be ordered: North Georgia Brick - Grant Huffaker: Brick stone selections were sent and Blackwater is waiting for final proposal for cost and delivery timeline. We will have to pay in advance to place an order - $48,000

Financial Update

Good progress has been made on the ground during the past two months. However, the work cannot proceed without cash. So, we ask that you pay your pledges as soon as possible. We are in dire need of additional funds. Please donate right now.

Click in the left pane on OUR FINANCIAL PORTFOLIO link to see the Financial Statements of Income and Expenses of Masjid Al-Momineen for the first quarter of this year and the last 4 years..

Cash on Hand New Masjid Cost Spent on Construction since March, 2014 Pledges Deficit w/o Reserve for Emergencies
$83,710 $2,600,000 $1,201,364 $500,000 $814,926

Eid al Fitr

The following photo depicts the outside overflow congregation during the first of two Eid Salawat.

Watch Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry talk about Masjid Al-Momineen

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What is New?

Construction Fundraising Dinner on Sunday, December 06

Please reserve the date and purchase your tickets online. We need your urgent support. We need to raise at least $200,000 per month going forward to meet the construction schedule.

Register yourself or your student for the Quranic Quiz. Hundreds in prizes will be awarded to winners in 3 categories, inSha'Allah. Download the questions here. The event will start at 7pm on Friday, July 3. Join us for a community Iftar afterwards. For more details, see this flyer.

High School graduates and parents of qualified high school graduates interested in careers in healthcare! Apply for the Dr. Gulshan Harjee scholarship. Application deadline is April 30, 2015.
The new Clarkston Clinic at 3700 Market Street Blg E is open from 10am to 3pm. If you don't have insurance, please visit the clinic. It is administered by a group of Muslim doctors.

Big congratulations go to the Muslim Spelling Bee winners and their parents:

 Adnan Mohamud (group A) age  7  1st place winner
 Abas Mohamud (group D) age 13  2nd place winner
 Tahiyat Mahmood (group C) age 10  3rd place winner
 Yusuf Abdullahi (group B) age 12  3rd place winner
Five students participated in the competition for our Masjid and these four came on top.

Please join us for a night of beautiful recitations of the holy Quran by a number of special guests at Masjid Al-Momineen. The program starts after the Maghrib prayer. Please see the flyer for more details.

Read the latest blog article on Social Media and the Youth and post your comments.

On Sunday 11/24/2013, Hafiz Abdirahman (14 years old), and Hafiz Mohamed Mohamed Sufi (13 years old) - who recently graduated from Masjid Al-Momineen's Hifz al-Quran program - participated in the "World International Quranic Competition" at Renaissance Hotel near Atlanta Airport.

Hafiz Abdirahman won the first prize and Hafiz Mohamed was the 3rd place winner. Masjid Al-Momineen's directors of the Board are very proud of both for this noble achievement and express warm congratulations and wishes to them, their parents, teachers and the community.

May Allah SWT bless Hafiz Osman Nur for his tireless efforts in conducting and coordinating the excellent Hifz program at Masjid Al-Momineen.

Ramadhan Mubarak. The first day of Ramadan is Friday, July 20. The Ramadhan calendar for the Clarkston and Stone Mountain areas is posted online. Please download. Iftar (breakfast) will be served nightly followed by Tarawih prayers, inSha'Allah.

Happy Mother's Day to all...but is it sufficient to celebrate mothers just on this one day? Read on....

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See a video of the 2010 Eid ul Fitr prayer on the Masjid grounds..

Pastor Terry Jones in Florida has his congregation convinced to burn copies of the Quran in commemoration of September 11. Ironically, his approach is no less extreme. The question is how should Muslims and America’s leadership react. We can find a number of precedents in scriptures and prophetic traditions in response to his stated intention. Read more...

Please see some beautiful Ramadhan 2010 photos from around the world as captioned by Boston Globe here.

Mayor Howard Tygrett declared the period between the two new moons in August and September as the month of Ramadhan in all of Clarkston in an official proclamation.

Masjid Al-Momineen's Board of Directors convened on Sunday, August 29, to hold officer elections. The following brothers were elected to the chair, secretary, and treasury offices, respectively:
Brs. Omar, Amin, and Manzoor. We congratulate the new officers asking Allah SWT to Guide them in their new roles, and commend the previous officers asking Allah SWT to Bless them and their families in return for their contributions.

Do you find yourself unhappy or depressed? If yes, read the latest blog article titled: Keys to True Happiness! All constructive comments are welcome.

Please visit our Metro Atlanta Mosques link for an updated and alphabetically sorted Georgia Masjid and Musalaa listing.

Ultimate freedom can be found in absolute slavery to God. Please read our latest article on our blog page.

Explore the Islamic Sites page which contains some of the best links on Islam. The third link there is new pointing to the Tanzil Quran navigator - a page dedicated to make Quranic text available online accurately. According to the Tanzil Project page in Wikipedia, since the appearance of the first digital copy of the Holy Quran, there have been substantial efforts to produce an accurate Quran text in a simple script, but due to some difficulties, these efforts have been unsuccessful in many of the cases, and unfortunately, the simple Quran texts currently used in the majority of Quranic websites and applications have lots of errors and typos. The erroneous Quran text has been so rapidly spread over the Internet that nowadays finding the correct form of Quranic verses has become almost impossible without referring to a verified printed manuscript.

Please read our latest blog on President Obama's address to the Islamic world from Egypt and leave a comment on what you think of the article.

The 2nd annual Masjid Al-Momineen Family Day will, inShaAllah, be held on Saturday, June 6. The event was such a success last year that we decided to make it an annual occurrence. Please plan to come with your family and friends for an all day celebration of what makes "family" so central in Islam. Leave the planning to us...expect great food, drinks, snacks, lectures, and a slew of activities for children of all ages.

The December 19, 2008, Fundraising Dinner video footage is ready for your viewing at our Multimedia page.

The December 19, 2008, Fundraising Dinner photos are ready for your viewing at our Multimedia page. We hope to, inSha'Allah, publish video footage of the event in the near future.

This is the first time this website has been modified in format since 2006. Our hope is that you can easily Umra Painting by Masood Malikyarnavigate throughout the site. Additionally, we wanted to add enough value to the site to attract repeat visitors. To that end, we have created a blog page which we plan, ﺇﻥﺸﺄﺍﷲ , to keep populated with submitted articles by community members on various topics of interest. Our blog page will further allow you to post your own comments and to interact with other community members and posters. The blog page is RSS - -enabled. That means you can configure your RSS reader to receive broadcasts of the new posts and comments from the Masjid's blog site automatically.

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