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    Ramadan Karim

    Check back starting on Thursday for news of moonsighting and announcement of the first day of Ramadan. Iftar will be served nightly, in Sha' Allah. You can contribute to Iftar by catering food in, or by contributing towards the nightly Iftar. Call Brs. Sharif (404.563.6794) or Omar (678.488.2807) for more info and to make arrangements. Click anywhere on this image or the button below to see a PDF version of all Salawaat, Tarawih, Suhur, and Iftar times for the entire month. May we strive to exemplify Islam in the best possible manner this Ramadan.

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    Help new Refugees

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    Construction Photos

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Masjid Al-Momineen

Servicing Clarkston, Tucker, Lilburn, and Stone Mountain Muslims since 1989.

  • A total of $1,312,287 has been spent on the new building since March, 2014. Pledges are estimated at $400,000 as of Apr 05, 2017. Construction account balance stands at $250,000. Work on the ground is resuming as of April, 2017. The scheduled work for each month going forward will require at least $200,000/mo. Masjid Al-Momineen is registered as a 501(c)-3 non-for profit religious

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  • Construction Resumes...

    Work on the ground is restarting, Al Hamdu Lillah, as our construction account balance has reached $250,000 as of April 5, 2017. Here is the latest plan from Blackwater Construction: Blackwater Construction is immediately planning for ongoing Construction to complete the steele erecting, exterior wall framing, exterior sheeting, all the exterior windows and doors, stucco and roofing: 1) By the end of next week we will be done with all

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  • Campaign to Empower

    Support the Refugees of Clarkston by restoring their dignity and by giving them a sense of belonging... Let's give the refugee families a place of worship and a community center. Let us empower the weak, the needy, and the disheartened among us. We are the Ansaar of modern times. The Refugees are the Muhaajireen. We have a very rich Sunnah to model our behavior and actions after and to help those in need of re-settlement.

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How can you Help

Meet Our Construction Team

We have put together some of the most talented engineers and subject matter experts to build the new Masjid. Meet them individually below.

  • Amin A. Tomeh, P.E, PMP, D.GE

    Principal, Matrix Engineering Group, Inc.

  • Omar U. Zaman, P.E.

    Principal, Matrix Engineering Group, Inc.

  • Imran Niazi

    Principal, Blackwater Const. Group, LLC.

  • Yusuf Ali

    Principal, MI Services LLC.

Choose Your Donation

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  • New Masjid

    • Permits
    • Fees
    • Engineering
    • Contracts & Supervision
    • Labor & Materials
    • Heavy Equipment
    • Tools
    • Disposals
    • Cost of Delays


    Per Month

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    Most Urgent!

  • Operations

    • Power 2 Buildings/Parking Lights
    • Gas 2 Buildings
    • Water 2 Buildings
    • Taxes & Insurance
    • Landscaping
    • Tools
    • Repairs & Maintenance
    • Legal Fees
    • Salaries


    Per Month

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  • Sadaqa

    • Not Obligatory
    • No Amount Limitations
    • No Wealth Conditions
    • Can be given any time to anyone
    • Masjid Building
    • School Expenses
    • Social Services
    • Public Relations
    • Masjid Maintenance


    Any Time

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  • Zakat

    • Obligatory distributed:
    • FUQARA to The Indigent
    • MASAKEEN to The Destitute
    • AL_AMILEEN to The Collectors
    • MU-ALLAFAT UL-QULUB to Attract Hearts
    • AR-RIQAAB to Free Captives
    • AL-GHAARIMEEN to The Indebted
    • FI-SABILILLAH in The path of Allah
    • IBN-US-SABEEL to Needy Travelers


    of Net Wealth Per Year

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What Others are Saying

  • Lovely people and great Management. The only place I feel relaxed.

    Khushal Gurbaz
  • The people at this masjid are really nice and welcoming.

    Anisa Haji
  • Very friendly and welcoming. I took my shahada here.

    Sadik Al-Farook.

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